Production Management (Article – Bac Tan Uyen – Binh Duong)


A – Production & Processing
– Organize the production – processing activities to ensure the work is carried out smoothly, safely, achieve high productivity and meet the requirements of the company’s general production and business plan.
– Coordinate with relevant departments and divisions to carry out business activities including purchasing raw materials for production, deploying semi-finished products to domestic and international markets. include:
** Preliminary processing / processing and sorting of raw materials as well as goods.
** Packaging products.
** Loading.
** Arranging and preserving goods.

B – Employee Management
– Organize the implementation of the production plan, human resource allocation and job assignment for the staff of the factory based on the company’s production plan.
– Supervise and check the work of employees to ensure the work always complies with the process.

C – Administrative Work
– Assisting the Deputy Director / Factory Director in organizing, supervising and directing the implementation of occupational safety and health, preventing occupational diseases, preventing and fighting fires, and fighting against natural disasters and floods. , ensure the security of the factory.
– Control electricity and water norms by monitoring electricity and water norms based on product output (water consumption per 1 ton of product, electricity consumed per 1 ton of product).
– Monitor and control plans and expenses related to maintenance, maintenance, repair, replacement of machinery parts and equipment of the plant to ensure equipment is always in operational status. best, eligible to operate.

D – ISO Process
– Be responsible for participating in building and applying the production process system according to ISO standards and company regulations.


– Salary 10-15 million depending on the capacity
– Enjoy all benefits according to the state regime
– On Monday – Saturday morning (Saturday morning is every week),
– Travel 1 time / year, review salary 1 time / year
– There are programs teambuilding, happy hour
– Young, happy and professional colleagues

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