Reduce plastic waste: Say it!

Never shouting slogans, authorities, businesses and people in Quang Nam province are taking practical actions to limit plastic waste.

Waste in general, plastic waste in particular is really a “hot” issue in many localities across the country today. Being aware of that, in recent time, Quang Nam province has implemented many practical measures to limit and proceed to eliminate plastic waste.

Cognitive change

On the last 3-5 days, the People’s Committee of Quang Nam province issued a decision on the plan to implement the “Anti-plastic waste” movement in the locality to propagate, mobilize and call the community to change behaviors and habits. using disposable plastic products, hard-breaking plastic bags, contributing to reducing environmental pollution, protecting human health and the ecosystem.

In order to realize its decision, the leader of Quang Nam People’s Committee said that the immediate thing to do is to immediately replace plastic bottles of water bottles with glass bottles at all meetings, conferences and seminars organized by the province. … For nearly 2 months now, almost no plastic bottles have appeared on the delegate tables at meetings in Quang Nam province.

At a meeting of the People’s Council held from 10 to 12 July, the image of the glass vase placed in front of each delegate’s table spread well to the province’s anti-waste plastic movement. The glass jar is clean and clean to store water for repeated use, replacing disposable plastic items.

Mr. Van Anh Tuan, Chief of Office of Quang Nam People’s Committee, said that the replacement of plastic bottles with glass bottles is in response to the Prime Minister’s launch of limiting plastic waste, thereby showing specific actions. , leading the provincial People’s Committee in the movement “Against plastic waste”. “Recently, in the activities, events and meetings held at the Provincial People’s Committee, the use of disposable plastic has gradually been limited and eliminated. After nearly 2 months of implementation, the movement is not only change the perception of officials, public servants and officials but can also save money compared to the use of plastic bottles as before “- Mr. Tuan evaluated.

According to the leader of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Quang Nam province, in order to limit plastic waste, the department advised the People’s Committee of Quang Nam province to issue a plan to classify solid waste at source in the province until 2025 in the direction of replication. “3T” model (reduction, reuse, recycling). Department of Natural Resources and Environment determined to launch the movement “Against plastic waste” in the style of “long time rain beams”. In particular, through the forms of propaganda, visual advocacy to encourage people to change habits in daily life; At the same time, encourage initiatives and pilot models on appropriate collection, recycling and treatment of plastic waste …

Highlights Hoi An

In Quang Nam, Hoi An City is the leading locality and a bright spot in activities to limit plastic waste. Before Quang Nam Province implemented a series of above plans, from about 1 year ago, Hoi An City launched the movement “No-waste plastic office” with the use of glass containers of water instead of plastic bottles.

Hoi An City is also implementing the program “Reduce the use and reduce the emissions of plastic bags”, “Say no to plastic bags” by calling housewives to bring eco-friendly handbags. school when going to market to limit the use of plastic bags; signed a commitment to small businesses not to provide free plastic bags to customers, instead using environmentally friendly bags …

On the last 5-7 days, the People’s Committee of Hoi An also organized a ceremony to launch the army’s general environmental sanitation, and at the same time, set up the fund “For Hoi An cleaner” to agencies, businesses and donors. join hands, join in. In addition, from the success of the “Say no to plastic bags” movement in Cu Lao Cham, Hoi An city continues to launch the “Say no to plastic straws, limit plastic waste” movement here.

With a series of actions and solutions put forward, Hoi An City initially gained many encouraging results. In particular, the most important is the awareness of people and visitors has changed markedly. Now, visitors to Hoi An are not difficult to see businesses, bars hanging on the board “Say no to plastic bags” such as Dam vegetarian restaurant, Vegan Beets Hoi An, Cocobana Cafe …

Also in the city recently ranked by the famous travel magazine Travel and Leisure as “The World’s Greatest City”, there are more and more individuals and units producing products from natural materials. substitute for disposable plastic to protect the environment. There are also many individuals and units that regularly organize garbage collection sessions to clean Hoi An …

Mr. Nguyen Van Son, Standing Vice Chairman of Hoi An City People’s Committee, said that Hoi An tourism is developing very fast, with the first 6 months of 2019 receiving nearly 3 million visitors. However, behind impressive growth figures, Hoi An is facing the problem of environmental pollution, increasing plastic waste. If in 2017, the whole city generated 29,000 tons of waste, in 2018 increased to 33,000 tons (equivalent to 100 tons / day), mostly from tourism activities. “With the current great environmental challenges, the city recognizes the need to further promote environmental protection to contribute to the achievement of building Hoi An – an eco-cultural-tourism city and improving. quality of life “- Mr. Son emphasized.