Experience the unique “Plastic Planet” which is recycled from … plastic waste

Exhibition “Plastic Planet” organized by Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA) from June 21 to August 18, 2019 at Vincom Mega Mall Royal City. The exhibition introduces 6 unique works of art on the “plastic planet” elaborately and elaborated by artists from Tohe (a community-based enterprise operating for children with disabilities in Vietnam). 

With the message “Whether plastic is our world or we are the world of plastics”, the exhibition set off a bell to alert people of the state of the environment not only for humans but also are of many other living things, being seriously damaged by plastic waste. Through thousands of used plastic materials collected and contributed from everywhere in the city, the exhibition opens unlimited perspectives on life, about the relationship between people and nature, between people and with themselves, in which plastic is an existential factor that cannot be “treated” indiscriminately!

Hundreds of familiar lavie water bottles are transformed into abundant marine species

At the exhibition “Plastic Planet”, viewers will admire 4 installations – a giant sculpture called Field, Ocean, Cyclone, Family and 2 paintings, interacting including: Region Safe, Secret box. The works are made from used recycled plastics with harmonious and attractive colors, creating a “planet” of plastic full of art but equally practical. A huge series of artworks Field, Ocean, Tornado symbolizes the elements of soil, water and wind in nature, reproduced by countless plastic materials that we can easily catch. met in life.

Through 4 huge installations, the artists made a meaningful message: Plastic everywhere, in nature, in daily life, on the body, in the life of all creatures and including humans. Like it or not, they all exist in tandem. It seems our world has gradually become “Plastic Planet” because of that!

In the second exhibition area, there are 126 paintings and papier-sock paintings in the framework of “Safe area” created by autistic children from Tohe Fun project. Coming to art, these special child artists are given the opportunity to express their values ​​with the love and respect of those around them. Meanwhile, the interactive work called “Secret Box” gives viewers an authentic experience of the environment through many senses such as listening to the sound of water flowing under a river, full of plastic bottles. see old plastic TVs recycled into miniature museums.

Thanks to the design of the diverse experience area, affecting all senses, “Plastic Planet” will bring viewers creative feelings and associations through unique works, thereby evoking thinking. about your self-awareness when using plastic.